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About Asgard Press
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Once upon a time, people bought millions of calendars each year, used them, and threw them away. This went on for a while.
Trees shed leaves with sadness.

One day, a small publishing house began creating unique calendars using materials and production values equal to the very finest prints in all the land. They hoped that folks would think twice before discarding them. Next, pages were designed with perforations, like giant postcards that detached easily, and would fit standard frames to suit any taste.
Trees swayed with pride.
But there was more work to do…

In 2007, that same publisher started producing its whole line of calendars and stationery using thick, eco-friendly paper and soy-based inks, from cover to cover.
Trees shook their leaves with glee.
But there was more work to do.

At the end of each holiday season, unsold product is an unavoidable part of many businesses, and calendars were ending up in landfills year after year. So beginning in 2008, that ever restless publisher began working with like-minded retailers to reach out to senior centers, nursing homes and similar organizations in each store’s neighborhood, to share some vintage love.

There’s still more work to do, but good changes are happening across the land. Your comments and feedback have been and continue to be vital on this journey together.

At least once a year, a cool autumn breeze rustles through the treetops and announces that it’s football season again. Some folks swear those happy trees are doing ‘the wave’.


Asgard Press has been creating and publishing exhibition-quality calendars, books and stationery since 1999. Historic college football souvenir program art was introduced in 2005 with “Vintage Michigan,” featuring Wolverine game day program covers from the early 1900s-1960s. Today, more than 80 colleges and universities across the country are featured in this collector’s series of calendars and stationery.

As folks journey back in time to enjoy their favorite team’s struggles and victories, affordable time travel has extended to other parts of the pop culture universe, including classic Marvel Comics art, pulp sci-fi, romance and love magazines, romantic sheet music covers, rare and exciting circus posters, and last but not least, sublime photos of mid-century automobiles that represent a big, bold and confident America at her shiny best.

While preserving history, Asgard Press also tries to make socially responsible decisions whenever possible, including the use of eco-friendly materials across its entire product line, and only partnering with manufacturers that uphold the highest standards in working conditions and policies for its employees.

What’s in a Name?

The name “Asgard” comes from Norse mythology, and was the realm of the gods, similar to Mount Olympus in Greek mythology. It is a nod to the Scandinavian settlers who first came to Delaware in the 1630s, a place that Asgard Press has called home since 1999, and for a few of our staff, much longer than that. If you happen to be driving on I-95 near Philadelphia or Baltimore, you may miss it if you blink. But as those who’ve spent any time there know, Delaware is a heavenly place, indeed.

Asgard Press Custom Printing
Asgard Press also provides custom offset and POD printing services. For more information, please contact team@asgardpress.com.

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