Where did Supergirl come from?  Check out her story featured for the month of March in our 2018 Vintage DC Comics Calendar below.

By the end of the Golden Age of comic books, Superman and his family of associated characters had become the most popular in the DC Universe.  DC had added many supporting characters to the Superman Family, but in 1959 his first super-powered blood relative was added to the fold.  Superman’s Kryptonain cousin, Kara Zor-El, was introduced in the pages of  Action Comics #252 in May, 1959.  She was the daughter of Zor-El, Superman’s father’s brother.  As most fans of the man from Krypton know, Superman’s father was Jor-El and named his son Kal-El.  When baby Kal-El was rocketed to Earth to survive the explosion of a doomed Krypton, he was adopted by the Kents who named him Clark.  The rest was history!  So, how did Kal-El’s first cousin arrive on earth as a teenager after Kal-El/Clark had grown up?  After all, Krypton exploded when Kal-El was an infant.  This was explained in Action Comics #252, where it was told that apart of Krypton was thrown into space after the explosion.  For years, the inhabitants of this small piece of Krypton survived, despite the land on which they lived slowly became radioactive as it changed into Kryptonite.

These Kryptonians, including Zor-El, were very scientifically advanced and could view Earth through a radio-telescope.  Through this device, they watched the exploits of Superman, knowing he was the Last Son of Krypton and had developed great powers on Earth.  Ultimately, when it appeared that these last survivors of Krypton were doomed, Zor-El created a rocket and sent the teenaged Kara to Earth (complete with her own “supergirl” costume) where she first met Superman.  At first, Superman was concerned for Kara’s identity to become known on Earth, so she adopted the name Linda Lee and began to live in the Midvale Orphanage.  She maintained the secrecy of her Kryptonian origins and never revealed her Supergirl alter-ego to anyone other than Superman.  Kara/Supergirl, began to have regular adventures in the pages of Action Comics, but she remained hidden to the public.  Ultimately, in the pages of Action Comics #285 in 1962 (below), Supergirl’s existence is revealed to the world as she becomes a well-known hero in her own right.

Expert commentary provided by our good friend and comics expert, Bill Jourdain.   Thanks Bill!  If you are interested in purchasing the 2018 Vintage DC Comics Calendar in which this story appears, simply click HERE.


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