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World’s Finest Comics #20, December 1945

A Weighty Issue, Indeed. "The Toyman: Super-Scientist!/Larceny Without Loot/Money Talks/Brooklyn Botches the Bakas/George Tanaka, America/King of Coins!"  Cover Artist:  Jack Burnley When Superman tries to recover a "human wavelength detector" from the villainous Toyman, he learns it will be more of a challenge than he…


Yessss... It's time to LAUGH!  Your favorite Vintage Football Funnies are here! Friday's are the best.  Everyone is ready for the weekend.  We're here to throw a sprinkle of happy on top with our weekly edition of Flashback-Friday-Football-Funnies.  We're going back to the 1940's and…

Whoopin’ it Up with Batman and Robin!

Throwback Thursday Golden Age DC Style.. This great cover by legendary Golden Age Batman artist, Dick Sprang, shows Batman and Robin on bucking broncos, and ties into the story, "The Streamlined Rustlers!" featured in this issue.  In this story, our heroes head west to foil…

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